Burger King Hacked, Social Media Disaster?

25 Feb
  1. Plenty of tweets about the hacking. The tone of most of the tweets were not negative in nature, as stated below it seemed to be an entertaining highlight of many peoples day (as one user mentioned, it is “sad” that it was so interesting). 
  2. burger king’s twitter getting hacked is probably the most interesting thing that’s happened all day and that’s sad
  3. Burger King handled the incident by getting their own account suspended. As the screen shot below shows, the account was changed to display McDonald’s logos and products, and claims were made that the chain had been sold to Mcdonald’s.
  4. “@NBCLA: Burger King’s #Twitter account suspended after bizarre hacking http://4.nbcla.com/151R8eQ http://pic.twitter.com/apoJGOe2” clap clap clap
  5. Some even found the incident humorous, claiming it was the hamburgerler’s fault. 
  6. Maybe the Hamburgerler? “Burger King’s Twitter account hacked by Anonymous, now promoting McDonald’s” feedly.com/k/YiCbib
  7. Burger King is planning an apology to the public for the incident, in an effort to do some damage control. 
  8. Burger King plans apology after Twitter hack
    Source: AP-Excite


    Somebody hacked Burger King’s Twitter account on Monday, posting obscene messages and changing its profile picture to a McDonald’s logo.

    The tweets stopped after a little more than an hour, and Burger King said it had reached out to Twitter to suspend the account. A Twitter spokesman did not immediately respond to a phone message left on Monday.

    Burger King, which usually tweets several times a week, said it was working to get the account back up. Typical tweets promoted sales on chicken sandwiches, or asked how many bites it takes to eat a chicken nugget.

    But just after noon EST on Monday, someone tweeted via Burger King’s account, “We just got sold to McDonalds!” They also changed the icon to rival McDonald Corp.’s golden arches and the account’s background picture to McDonald’s new Fish McBites.

    FULL story at link.

    Read more: apnews.excite.com/article/2…

  9. Some even tweeted that Burger King should be thanking the hacker, as they gained 20,000 followers in less than an hour while the account was hijacked. 
  10. Burger King better thank whoever hacked their page. Theyve gained 20k new followers less in then an hr O_o
  11. Members on twitter are even hoping to be hacked to gain new followers like Burger King.
  12. Burger King gained some 34,000 new followers having their account hacked! Can someone PLEASE Hack me? LOL
  13. Within an hour of the incident there was already a video posted on Youtube describing the incident. Including the increase in followers.
  14. Lots of news buzz was generated was as well

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