More Pointless Sh*t? Using Vine Effectively

8 Apr


One of the latest digital media platforms is Vine, a twitter video app that allows users to create at maximum, a six second video clip (Larsen, 2013). With such a short limit on video, many have wondered about the effectiveness of Vine in any marketing efforts. A member of RAPP’s team in London even created a video on Vine with words written on paper scrawling across the screen asking the question, “More pointless sh*te? Discuss” (Grossman, 2013).


Interestingly enough, one of RAPP’s clients (by the way, RAPP is a full service marketing agency), Bacardi, has been one of the first major companies to find a successful way to employ the use of Vine in a substantial campaign. So far most major companies who have used Vine, have done so in a reactionary way, such as Calvin Klein, who used Vine to show a fit male doing sit ups in his Calvin Klein underwear during the epic blackout at the Super bowl.

With such a short time frame to get their message across, many companies have not been able to generate much success on Vine. However, Bacardi realised that the short time frame could work perfectly to display their product in use. Bacardi has created a series of Vine video, featuring six second cocktail recipes, obviously featuring Bacardi as a main ingredient. The Vine video captures the users attention by giving them a reason to watch the Bacardi video, and even a feature use for it.


Mark’s Take

While Vine will without a doubt feature a healthy library of useless cat videos (just like every corner of the internet), the potential for marketers are there. Not every company will be able to use it effectively, as only simple messages will be easy to convey on Vine. As we have seen with many other forms of social media, Vine will also not be a “one and only” source for marketers, but just a piece of the puzzle to what is digital media, and getting a customer base engaged. Below is a list created by Loren Grossman of RAPP on how marketers can successfully use Vine:

1 .Focus on Utility and Authenticity

  • Focus on the core values of your brand.

2. Be Clever and Simple

  • Creativity and simple messages are the key to success on Vine.

3. Be Nimble

  • Quick responses to trends on Twitter, can generate success on Vine.

4. See the whole board

  • Remember Vine is just a small part of social media, and any ad campaign will need support on other forms of social media.


Grossman, L. (2013, April 8). Bacardi Mixes Mobile into Marketing. Retrieved April 8, 2013, from

Larsen, L. (2013, January 30). Vine App Review. Retrieved 8 2013, April, from PASTE:



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