The changing direction of advertising

22 Apr


While it has been no secret that digital marketing is becoming more important on an almost daily basis, data is finally being realized to back up these claims. Standard media index has compiled data which shows that television advertising spending is declining, while digital platform marketing is on the rise (Mandese, April).

The data shows that a shift is beginning to occur. Digital media now accounts for 25% of marketing spending by the big media holding companies. The fastest growing sections of digital media are mobile advertising, and exchanged based media buys, while search and display advertising still account for the majority of digital media marketing budgets.

Brands will now have to find ways to convey their message into digital platforms instead of television, which could be a challenge for older established brands, and present an opportunity for new brands to make gains.

The numbers:

  • Television advertising spending has fall 5% year over year (Fennesy, 2013).
  • Digital has risen 15% year over year (Fennesy, 2013).
  • Mobile ad spending has increased 92 % in the last year (Fennesy, 2013).
  • Display and search advertising have both increased 12% year over year (Fennesy, 2013).

What does it all mean?

Marketers will have to prepare to go along with the shift, and tailor their advertising campaigns around digital media, instead of traditional television advertising. Brands will be forced to adapt their strategies to match their consumer’s habits in order to remain successful.


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