The Mobile Challenge, Proving that it Works

22 Apr


It seems that all marketers have been hearing lately is “mobile this, and mobile that”. Every day, new studies and statistics are showing that mobile is the fastest growing platform, with over 86.7% of the world having a mobile device per 100 people (mobiThinking, 2013). Marketers are trying to figure out how to take advantage of the mobile trend and find new ways to reach mobile users. All the big players, such a Google, Facebook, and Twitter are trying to find ways to sell ad space targeting mobile users.

There is one problem however, so far, no one has proved mobile advertisements work. Even the geniuses at Google are having issues selling mobile ad space because they have yet to develop a way to communicate the value of mobile advertising. As Google’s Jason Spero states “Until you can show (that tracking connection), they are not going to pay much for it. We are investing heavily in helping people track value” (Isaac, 2013).

However, it is only a matter of time before the next step of the digital marketing revolution, the prevalence of mobile advertisements, occurs. Mobile usage stats are impossible for marketers to ignore, and as soon as someone develops clear metrics on the ROI of mobile advertisement campaigns, the floodgates will open.

Where will we see ads on our phones?

We are already starting to see some advertisements, such as promoted tweets on Twitter (Isaac, 2013), and we will see them on several other platforms as well:

  • Facebook mobile apps will somehow find away to display advertisements
  • Many other apps will also find ways to more effectively display advertisements (perhaps as your search results are loading an ad will appear)
  • Google may find a way for more invasive advertisements to show up while checking your Gmail from a mobile device or conducting a search


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