About Mark

19 Nov

For Business Development, we were asked to put together a student profile. I felt like this would be a good thing to share with my blog, as it provides some context into who is writing these posts.

My Background
I am currently at the end of my third year in the BBA in business administration-marketing at Kwantlen. Last year I joined the golf team at Kwantlen where I receive a scholarship (as long as I keep my grades up), and allows myself to travel around the province and play different golf courses than the ones I typically play. I recently was promoted to the title of Golf Shop Manager at Surrey Golf Course, which I am quite proud of, as I am 24 years old, makes me one of the youngest, if not the youngest Golf Shop Managers in Canada.
Outside of Surrey Golf Course, I also worked at Future Shop for three years, starting as a seasonal sales associate in the Car Audio department, then working a mix of part time and full time for the remainder of my time at Future Shop. I started working at Future Shop after I graduated from high school, and credit my time there for helping me make the decision of taking a diploma, and eventually a degree in business.
Career Aspirations
As much as I love the game of golf, and enjoy working at a golf facility, I do not plan on working in the golf industry for the remainder of my career. Once I have my degree, I plan on aggressively pursuing marketing and managerial related jobs, and try to get as much experience
as I can. When I was young I thought I would just take the job that paid me the most, and that is how I would choose what to do for a living.
Now as I am getting a little older, I am starting to realize that a good work-life balance is important, as well as enjoying what I am doing for a living. I definitely do not have it all figured out yet, and do not know what my true calling is, I just know it is going to be something in the business/marketing field. My long term goal is to eventually be a consultant and work for myself. However I know this is something that I will not be able to do immediately out of university, and I will need more experience after I graduate.
My Unique Selling Proposition. Why you should hire me!!!
My personal USP is that I am bold, committed and competitive. In terms of marketing, my belief is that the worst possible thing an organization can do when it comes to marketing is to play it safe, and be boring. The best thing any organization can do is be fresh, be bold, and be committed to everything they do. My business beliefs also carry through to my professional and personal life, and how I conduct myself. For the most part, I tell people what I am thinking, and I like to stand out and be different. I also try to commit fully to everything I am passionate about, both professionally and personal. Most of my failures and shortcomings have been associated with a lack of commitment and effort, thus I have worked really hard to commit to everything I do. I am also a highly competitive person who enjoys winning and achieving.

Attached is a PDF file of my full student profile

Gamache, Mark Student Profile


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