Global Culture Project

19 Nov

One of the assignments for business development was to research an assigned country, in our case Australia, and prepare research regarding that country. Here are the most important aspects we took out our research regarding Australia and business practices:

  • Modesty: Australians are modest, and are not impressed by titles.
  • Distrust of Authority: Australians like to think of everyone “as a member of a team” and do not like to have someone acting above them.
  • Strong Sense of Humor: Australians will make jokes in meetings.
  • Individualistic way of thinking: Australians expect to able to act on their own judgement.
  • Meeting Timing: Meetings are expected to move quickly, with little to no small talk.
  • Preparation: Australians expect minimal preparation for meetings, and expect the details to be worked out during the meeting.
  • Authority: Australians expect that whoever is present at a meeting is more than capable of making a decision.

Why this makes me hirable?

Today’s business world is only growing more global, and the ability to research and know how to do business with other cultures is vitally important. The skill is a necessity in today’s business world.

Below is a power point presentation regarding our findings.

Team #4 Global Culture and Business Etiquette Presentation


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