RFP Analysis

19 Nov


The RFP analysis assignment was to find a live RFP (request for proposal), study it, and find what we thought were three important questions as a key account manager, we must ask ourselves in order to respond to the RFP.

In class, we discussed the common aspects of RFP’s as we compared our RFP analysis. What was found, especially when dealing with government related RFP’s, was they were highly detailed in order to ensure transparency. The RFP I analyzed was for a BC Hydro contract, and in comparison to other RFP’s, was extremely long and detailed.  One of the most interesting details of the RFP was a section which was dedicated to the exact weighting of importance of several factors, when responding to the RFP.

One of the most common aspects we noticed regarding RFP’s is the strict adherence to methods of delivery, and timelines. Some even had blackout periods leading up to the deadline where questions could no longer be asked regarding the RFP.

I have attached a copy of my analysis of a BC Hydro RFP, I hope you find it interesting.

Gamache, Mark RFP Analysis


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